I ran, fast as I could
Down that yellow road
His eyes I wished to see
As we rode our bikes in gaiety
And stuck our faces in white sand.

Life was fair enough
Each day, a sign of birth
And clayey cake
We did eat
In round ice cream bowls.

With Fingers intertwined
And nature by our side
Oh, what yummy green treets
We stuffed our bellies with.

When our knees got scraped
And sugar got low
Gallantly we marched
to the coloured box
Our minds dazzled by hilarious fast play.

When sun reached down
For its orange fleece
I ran, slow as I could
Down that yellow road,
His eyes were there,
Shadowing me.


Warm Light.

When all is dismal,
Your heart begins to fail
And your soul starts to wail,
You will find me right there,
Your ever present Solace,
And your strength shall be renewed. 


Rose petals have never looked so dreadful
On a Rainy November morning,
Brown, gentle rivulets of
Murky waters against its blazing red,
Love’s impending death.