So few words…

Once on a pale day, when the skies were as white as paper sheets and she had thought nothing of her life, he said “I love you, so I can say I have the best taste in the world.” He had used those three words before and to her they were without meaning in a world filled with hate. She did not believe in much anymore and for days she had felt like a corpse, laughing when necessary, talking when required, cracking jokes to fill the void. There are times when she sojourns to better places, but in that moment when he spoke those words, the only place she desired to see were his eyes in all their sincerity because she knew even with her broken soul and unsure heart that what he felt was pure. When sleep came knocking, gentle as ever,  she allowed herself to be lulled by him. Maybe now the nightmares will cease…and life will not taste so bitter.


2 thoughts on “So few words…

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