Days are often described in books to be grey, dark, dreary, pale, dead, mournful, blue and maybe even compared to a silver oyster. I have reflected, gone back and forth like a pendulum trying to understand the horrific day that has not failed in tormenting my mind. Loneliness is a terrible thing and it makes us do the strangest things. The world has gone too fast and some of us are left behind, No, some of us still have our SANITY. How hollow the relationships we build are, how shallow our feelings are. We are encompassed in a great bitter mess (forget the colors that they dazzle you with), it is a hideous putrid sight to behold. We have created a monster and no, it is not misunderstood like Frankenstein. The evil we have created thirsts for our demise, our destruction, our oblivion. Yet, we continue to frolic with it, tease it and play ‘fetch’ with it and One day, one unsuspecting day, it will bite back and you will bleed ceaselessly. We are all so busy being busy, we’ve lost our sense of compassion, not aware of our environment, can’t even pay attention to the little clues that give a person’s sadness and emptiness away. Let’s stop right here. ALL IS NOT BRIGHT AND SUNNY IN LIFESVILLE. We are being slaughtered and 95 percent of us don’t even realize that it’s a war. Do you want to know why; have I sparked your curiosity, kitten?

WE ARE SELFISH, YOU ARE SELFISH AND I AM SELFISH. A dear friend of mine accused me of this recently and for the first few minutes (translates this to hours), I was startled and taken aback. How is it possible, little old me, SELFISH? I beg to differ! If you are anything like me, you’d probably go over all your actions since you developed common sense, take into account all your good deeds, compare your relationships with your other friends and try to attach it to ‘No Love Lost.’ But if you look a bit closer, raise the covers a bit and peep into those dusty cupboards, you’d realize that you probably have residency and are vying to be MAYOR SELFABSORBED in SELFISH COUNTY. One-sided conversations; we tend to talk about ourselves a lot, don’t we? Our lack of attention makes us forget he said something about not feeling too well and we don’t even know when he is trying to tell us something important. Yeah, I felt really bad, I still do and I sometimes wonder if he is just trying to manage me now, just being polite and what not. But here’s to me trying to make the best out of a bad situation, learning from my mistakes and fixing what I broke. That day was not so horrific after all, it was a day of AWARENESS (mighty hot, if I must say) and who am I not to pay attention to the red flashing lights? Let’s not just assume that some people have perfect lives, trust me, ‘There’s always something’ in *Violet Baudelaire’s voice*. Who knows? You could be the glimmer of hope and encouragement, a guiding light to the solution or a shoulder to wail on.

Ignore all those fancy shows on Instagram or Twitter, everyone’s just acting, putting up a front and wearing social masks. Ask the young girl or boy, the advanced man or woman sitting next to you, ‘how are you?’ not as a default question but as a show of real concern. Drop your device and start making real friends, not for reveling but for development, mentally and emotionally. Go pick up God’s Love from the dumpster you threw it in because believe me, He still holds yours close to His Heart. You want to start making some real impact? (I don’t mean, singing an Ebola song or a Xenophobia song) Stop being selfish and pass HIS love around. Why? Because He loved us first, and don’t you think that it would be awfully selfish of us to keep such a beautiful thing to ourselves when a million others out there desire it so desperately.


Now, do you want to revisit all the lives that you’ve simply just passed casually, drop those religious trinkets and start being real? Or would you rather be the Priest who crossed to the other side of the road or the temple Assistant who looked and passed by on the other side? (Story of the Good Samaritan).

P.S: There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


2 thoughts on “REVISIT.

  1. I almost cried, reading this. And to think it’s been a long time since you posted… Cool one, Danny.


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