Ever had one of those extremely lazy days? you know the ones where the Sun gets unusually bold, your clock is striking nine a.m., you go #vampiremode and look like you just fought the hulk; baggy eyes, an oily face, hideous bed hair and pjs. You’re all alone and by default, the house isn’t dressed for dinner. Then your eyes come across a novel that you regretted buying from the crappy bookstand at some crappy supermarket and you say to yourself: “On this day the 9th of April, it shall be done.” A few minutes into the book, boredom swoops in and lulls you gently to sleep. You wake up two hours later to hear the shrieking sound of your deplorable phone at 10:45 a.m. It is an unknown number, and you are enraged at such audacity from whoever it is. Still, you are inclined to pick and when you do, a familiar voice invades your mind, your brain connects the dots and you realize that it’s an old friend. One you hold in high esteem. He tells you his just outside your gate and he demands for your presence. At first you try to stall, make up a couple of terrible excuses, he evades each and every one of them and now you’re cornered. You gaze at the mirror intently and ‘my my, look at you, showing a certain resemblance to Dr. Seuss’s “The Grinch.”

There is not enough time for a shower, no quick make up session, no nothing. You don’t want to go downstairs but you cannot ignore him either. You run around the house and enact the best clean up session since you were eight, nine, ten years old???(Remember those?)  He has been waiting outside for approximately twenty minutes. You look around and decide that it’s pretty neat, applaud yourself for a job well done and maybe even compare yourself to “The Flash.” You proceed to splash some water on your face, throw on a baggy t-shirt and a faded skirt. He calls again; you pick and tell him to “come right up.” An impatient knock, a few moments of hesitation, one last glance at the house and the door is opened for your unexpected visitor.

Both of you spend the next two hours playing ‘Catch up’, you mock his new beard , he says you got taller, you tell him you dig his fro and he says you got fluffier ( FYI: this means fatter, LOL). Good times, good times. He eventually has to leave; you walk him out, say your goodbyes and go back to your activity deprived day. Well, that was quite euphoric.

Au revoir, the rain is about touch down.

P.S: Always be prepared.  


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