There are certain ideals in this puny life that I have failed greatly to understand. How do human beings overtaken by abhorrence for their fellow brothers and sisters, pretend to be friends or act like they have interests in our covert matters? I think it best to be completely straightforward with people. All earthlings deserve a considerable level of decent treatment. But what we should not be found doing is pretending to fancy a person and spewing hate talk simultaneously behind his/her back. I have spent an hour in my Mother’s comical office observing people who don’t give a tinker’s curse about the affairs of the next person, but have the effrontery to make statements like: “Oh! I just thought of you, where have you been?” “That dress is quite lovely, where did you get it?” “Your food looks yummy, may I have some?” (There is every possibility that their conversations are not this formal).

As you would have so aptly observed, this is not my first visit to the office and you must also understand that I have spent enough time to know that these people loathe each other because when they conclude their exaggerated formalities, they break themselves into smaller factions and make a beeline for the Slander Tournament: Plotting and Scheming, “WE HATES THEM FOREVER!” *In Sméagol’s voice*

Does the world have to be an embodiment of survival of the fittest and an unwavering thirst for power? Are we the failed experiments? What happens when we don’t conform? THIS IS NOT THE HUNGER GAMES (love that movie though).

When did it become our responsibility to judge others for the things that they are not, their insecurities and inevitable blemishes? I don’t have much to say. I just wish we were honest with ourselves, and stopped trying to sap each other unnecessarily. Don’t be the one who laughs with Brenda openly and plots her demise secretly (please this is not literal). Don’t be the ass kisser (forgive my language), you cannot be a friend to all, but you should not be an enemy. What you are required to do is quite simple, be polite. You don’t like Brenda, no qualms. Just don’t take it upon yourself to make Brenda’s life hell on earth.

We have lives to live, goals to achieve and dates with fate. HOW ABOUT THAT? If we spent half the time we use in playing pretend and forming parasitic friendships to help each other grow, Lord knows where we would be.

Don’t be a clog in another man’s wheel. Does the word Karma ring a bell?

P.S: I do not know a “Brenda.”



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