She glared at her reflection in the mirror, and felt acquainted with it because just like the mirror, she was cracked and over the years had learned to hide that crack and exude a personality that was, as often described by her many, many associates to be ‘cold, dark and queer.’ Life for Revaya was distasteful and toxic, an endless ride that makes you nauseous. This being her belief, created in her an awakening, gave her a substitute for the life that she could not relish in her depressing reality. She spent an awful amount of time taking long walks in her head,engaging in secret reveries, building her kingdoms and casting roles for her characters to play and over time, through careful practice, did not need to think hard or induce a state of tranquility to conjure them. She was not a visitor anymore,but a necessary part of their existence….. All were borne from anger, sadness and hatred for the picture perfect Allen Family and resentment for their putrid lives behind closed doors. I suppose she had to be grateful at least,for their benevolence in welcoming her into their home. But she knew, just by gazing into the brown deceitful eyes of Mrs Frauline Allen, that she did not come bearing gifts. Of course, this was not clearly expressed, merely implied by certain acts of ‘kindness’.

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